An Elegant Home for Independent Therapists

Private therapy rooms, Positive Mind Space, are talking therapy rooms designed specifically with the client and therapist’s comfort and experience in mind.

Created specifically for:

  • Psychologists & Psychotherapists
  • Consulting
  • Counselling Room Hire
  • Therapy Room Rental
  • Behavioural Therapists
  • Talking Therapy

…and many other talking therapies, Positive Mind Space has been designed to provide an unsurpassed level of discretion, privacy, comfort and effortless convenience.

Created to provide an unsurpassed level of privacy, comfort and effortless convenience, Positive Mind Space’s skilfully understated rooms are now available for hire to dedicated professionals on a no-contract basis.

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Cutting Edge Facilities Within an Oasis of Calm

Positive Mind Space was specifically and carefully designed to make the transition from the outside world to therapy room a seamless and tranquil experience – to set you and your client at perfect ease from the moment you reach one of Positive Mind Space’s centrally located buildings.

Beginning with a secure entry system, clients will simply and discreetly key their arrival into an iPad informing you of their arrival via your own iPad in your treatment room. Your client is then guided to our comfortable and relaxing Client Lounge where they will enjoy refreshments and atmosphere-enhancing audio while they await their treatment.

When you are ready, collect and guide them to your room, fully equipped with iPad, sound-proof system, refreshments and audio. When your session is complete, watch them leave in a state of profound relaxation, their entire experience calm, discreet and effortless. Bookings can be made remotely wherever you have Internet access.

Additionally Positive Mind Space’s modern facilities can be enjoyed in a way that supports your businesses model either on a pay-as-you-go, hourly basis or pre-booked weekly times and full-time exclusive use of your own room.

Tranquil. Private. Therapy @ Positive Mind Space